Heritage & Identity

Our heritage reveals and defines who we are today. Preservation of objects, documents and artworks from these socially, culturally and personally significant instances allows us to view the world through eyes other than our own, provide a sense of cultural identity, and source of research.

Community Driven

Whether family letters, photographs, artworks, records, or society documents, the collector finds value in objects and gives that body of objects form. These 'grassroots' origins are often what become institutional collections. It is from these collections' very beginnings that Preventive Conservation concerns are best addressed.

Creative Solutions

Minimizing damage and deterioration is not a new desire when it comes to collections, but with the advent of new technology, it is exciting to take part in the development of Preventive Conservation, as it sits on the intersection between science and creativity. Digital media makes this challenge even more demanding.

What is this?

This is a site and blog about related links and activities, in the world of Preservation and Conservation.

I work in the Preservation Unit at Auckland Libraries, New Zealand, and am studying towards a Masters in Preventive Conservation.
I hope that this site functions as an introduction to Preventive Conservation, to the work that I do, and provides me with a space to contemplate, reflect, and share the work that I am currently involved in.

Click the Preventive Conservation link above, to see what it’s all about, or browse the blog to see what I’ve been looking at lately.



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Artist Books Documentation

For the last 6 months, I’ve been part of a project to investigate the potential of “new” technologies to document artist books. True, documentation of books is no new thing, however, when an integral part of the design and intention of a book is to think outside of the binding square – and often also […]

Digital Preservation 101

Here’s the basics for your digital preservation needs. I’m taking this to our next meeting for sure! via Conserve This