About Me

Me MapI am of Maori, Chinese, Irish, Croatian and Lebanese descent.

Having such diverse ancestry really makes me appreciate the links we have to our past. The cultures I grew up with have given form to the person I am, and how I relate to the world. Photographs and letters from family, and documentation of government and community records help build a picture of those I come from. My interest in conservation and communities stems from this interest.

I have a background in Visual Arts and Lecturing, and currently work in the Preservation Unit of Auckland Libraries, New Zealand.

In addition to conservation, I have interests in visual art, design, and exploring the potential of new technology. These interests all come into play when I’m presented with conservation related challenges, and I’m at my happiest when all of these talents show in my solutions.

I intend to study Preventive Conservation in the near future, to extend the knowledge I hold now around book and paper conservation.