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New Printing Afoot

The Auckland Libraries Preservation Unit has been testing a new form of printing… The word “print” in our world usually refers to ink on paper, however, we recently came across a problem that required us to think outside the square… and consider… the cube! A shift from working with 2D prints, to the possibilities of […]

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Automated Condition Reporting

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the AICCM Exhibitions Special Interest Group’s inaugural symposium. The symposium, with the title “Conservation on Exhibition” was the first for this group, and my first ‘serious’ presentation. I had two presentations, the first, a paper regarding the exhibition of books: a short history; our process at Auckland […]

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Tautoko Exhibition Support Debut

Opening one’s work or research to a wider audience is always a nerve-wracking experience. As part of the NZCCM Annual Conference this year, my colleague and I presented a workshop on the considerations for, and construction of, book and paper supports for display. The workshop utilised my Tautoko Exhibition Support Worksheet, making its debut into […]

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Seeing Moons

  SEEING MOONS The Preservation Unit has been preparing for the latest exhibition, Manatunga, which will show in the Sir George Grey Special Collections exhibition room. The photos below are taken from the latest batch to arrive. You might be forgiven for thinking it’s a photo series of the moon, or a total eclipse of […]

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