Hot Tips from Google Conservation!

It’s refreshing to know that my job isn’t in danger of being taken over by a droid just yet…

The Care and Handling video Auckland Libraries’ Preservation Unit has released has been posted on YouTube. Google owned, YouTube has helpfully transcribed the whole thing, providing some questionable takes on Collections Care.

For the hearing impaired, (and presumably to add to their search algorithm), subtitles can be accessed via the captions button next to the timeline. I found it while working on an accompanying brochure for the video.

A close reading of Google’s automatic captions however, suggest quite a different take on how to look after a heritage collection. Here are a couple of the highlights:

Food and drink around heritage collections can cause a mess and attract women such as mice and insects

What Women Want?


Books, paper, photographic materials will benefit from being stored in cold conditions, and away from haters

Here I was thinking haters were an integral part of libraries and archives!

I’m actually a fan of automation, as long as long as it is responsive and adaptable to each item’s needs. In this case, I have a feeling that these captions fall short somewhat!

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