New Care & Handling Video

The Preservation Unit has spent the better part of a year, working on a Care and Handling video for training and information purposes. Since a key aspect of my Preventive Conservation interests is information/education, this project was an enjoyable and helpful one to be part of.

The project, headed by the Auckland Libraries’ conservator has been a team effort. While I helped to compile and produce some images – and both my hands and legs make an appearance – the major contribution from me has been in post-production: editing refinements, removing sound glitches, and adjusting select shots for better illustration of a point.

As usual the opportunity to apply a (partial) skill set from my Visual Arts background has been enjoyable, and I couldn’t let the moment go by without pushing the boundaries of those skills: instead of a standard text title at the beginning, I opted to create an animated sequence, (more on that in another post).

The final result has been online for a few months, and received good feedback so far. It has also been a useful starting point in briefing those new to working with Heritage materials, and hopefully has been useful to any public browsers who may have casually come across it.

I like the idea of pushing the video medium further, but considering how long this project took, we might take a moment to pause before looking at another!

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