Last week I was lucky enough to attend the AICCM Exhibitions Special Interest Group’s inaugural symposium.

The symposium, with the title “Conservation on Exhibition” was the first for this group, and my first ‘serious’ presentation.

I had two presentations, the first, a paper regarding the exhibition of books: a short history; our process at Auckland Libraries; and a book support methodology I created. The second presentation was a poster, formatted for powerpoint. This poster was a challenge to create as we were only given 1 minute to present our data. If you imagine how much text might be in the usual poster, compressing this to one minute of auto-changing slides was a challenge to say the least. In the end, I got it down to a 2 minute submission as the information suffered from quick slide changes that were too hard to digest.

The other challenge was an IT one. Unfortunately the tech support on the day only displayed one poster. I originally assumed I was glancing at the screen at the wrong times, but discovered that, no, it just wasn’t there!

Well, to ensure all of that hard work doesn’t go to waste, here it is above, in all its YouTube glory. Even though I didn’t get to show it, the time in the breaks led to discussion around what I had to say, and how it worked. It was great to hear that some Museums are using Photoshop for marking up their condition reports already. Hopefully this can go some way to making that process easier.

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