Damen Joe

Senior Conservation Technician - Auckland Libraries at Auckland Council

Auckland, New Zealand
  1. Auckland Council,
  2. Unitec Institute of Technology,
  3. Auckland University of Technology
  1. Northumbria University


I currently work in Preservation and Conservation of book and paper at the Auckland Libraries' Sir George Grey Special Collections.

I have a background as an artist and lecturer in visual art and design. I'm interested in a range of preservation and conservation related activities, including: treatments, exhibition design, installation and lighting.

In the future, I would like to research the relationship between heritage institutions and community groups, for the development of Preventive Conservation solutions.


Conservation Technician - Auckland Libraries

Auckland Council
(6 years 8 months)Auckland

Preservation and Conservation of Heritage and Research items at Auckland Libraries, New Zealand.


Unitec Institute of Technology
(3 years 5 months)

Taught in Graphic Design, Bachelors degree, and Printmaking classes.


Auckland University of Technology
(3 years 8 months)

Taught in the Visual Arts, Bachelors degree, specializing in printmaking.


Mapping the Self-Portrait: Navigating Identity and Autobiography in Visual Art

VDM Verlag
June 2008

A traditional self-portrait in visual art is popularly understood as a singular image - usually a painting, photograph, drawing or other similar graphic medium - where the artist is also the subject. This text expands this view by considering the self as changeable, constantly in flux, and therefore impossible to capture in just one image. Exploring the possibilities of representing identity, this book focuses on the writing of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, allowing for an understanding of identity that acknowledges the movement and change of the self and allows an art-work to represent identity as a constantly changing form. With an emphasis on narrative-based self-representation, this text explores the construction of identity and possibilities of representing the self through autobiography and visual art.


  1. Maori

    Elementary proficiency
  2. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency


Northumbria University

Master of Preventive Conservation

Auckland University of Technology

Master of Arts (Art & Design), Visual Art, First Class Honours

Auckland University of Technology

Bachelor of Art and Design (Honours), First Class Honours

Auckland University of Technology

Bachelor of Visual Arts, Printmaking


Auckland Council

  • Care and Identification of Photographs
  • Managing the Unexpected: Collection Management & Disasters
  • Preservation of Audiovisual Collections
  • Full Leather Bookbinding
  • Lighting for the Future