Tautoko Exhibition Support Debut

Opening one’s work or research to a wider audience is always a nerve-wracking experience. As part of the NZCCM Annual Conference this year, my colleague and I presented a workshop on the considerations for, and construction of, book and paper supports for display. The workshop utilised my Tautoko Exhibition Support Worksheet, making its debut into the conservation world outside of our small Preservation Unit team at Auckland Libraries.

Exhibition Support Workshop

The exposure of this worksheet seemed to stand up well. There’s always the chance that someone will use it or bring a point of view that I’d never considered. While this kind of feedback is still valuable, it’s great to know that the worksheet is able to serve its purpose as it is, and the group of NZCCM attendees were a great bunch to show it off to.

So, what is the Tautoko Exhibition Support Worksheet?

The worksheet facilitates the creation of book supports. By measuring and inputing the dimensions of a specific book for exhibition, the worksheet calculates the exact shapes to cut, fold and glue. A major concern during exhibition of books is the angle at which it is open; when exhibited, the opening position can put stress onto the structure of a book, compounding over time. Because of this, it’s important to create supports that alleviate and avoid this stress as much as possible. The Tautoko Exhibition Support Worksheet allows the maker to input many of these requirements specific to each book, and ensure the supports of an exhibition will meet those needs in an efficient and consistent way.

For more info on the Tautoko Exhibition Worksheet, (and to find out what Tautoko means), visit the page dedicated to its development.


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