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I feel like some clarification is due around my choice of name and image for the logo of this site.

A Phase Box, is a type of archival enclosure for heritage items. It ensures the protection of its contents, and is a quick solution for libraries and archives with heritage holdings.

The four flaps of a phase box, described by Indiana University Libraries. Click the link to view a slideshow on how they construct them there


This combination of the Phase Box name, and the image in my logo are more than a little illogical.

1. We rarely use phase boxes here at Auckland Libraries’ Preservation Unit (there are better solutions, though they can take a bit more time to create).

2. The image I ended up using is not actually a Phase Box!

Craaaazy, I know.

Essentially, the reason I like the use of Phase Box as a title, is it encompasses the nature of what this blog is about: a phase where I’m learning, training and communicating. I don’t think those things will ever stop, but a period of study will certainly amplify them.

The logo depicts the base of an archival box more in keeping with what we use in the Preservation Unit.

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